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Kitchen Design Blairsville GA

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Kitchen Design. You will find this informative article, titled "Make Your Kitchen More Efficient". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Blairsville, GA that can help answer your questions about Kitchen Design.

Appalachian Tops
(706) 781-9498
P.O. Box 879
Blairsville, GA
granite & quartz countertops

Southern Landscape Services
(706) 745-1672
5274 Apache Bnd
Blairsville, GA
Georgia Mountain Grinding & Recycling
(706) 835-2000
4236 Grinder Road
Blairsville, GA
England Landscapes
(706) 745-2342
2291 England Lane
Blairsville, GA
Speedling Inc
(706) 745-7057
1140 Crawley Gap Road
Blairsville, GA
Appalachian Tops
(706) 781-9498
P.O. Box 879
Blairsville, GA
granite & quartz counter tops
Mon-Fri 8-5

Choestoe Village Cabins
(706) 745-5478
5467 Collins Road
Blairsville, GA
Beverly Bradley Landscape Design & Service Inc
(706) 745-4364
2410 Bradley Acres Road
Blairsville, GA
Nelson Tractor Co Inc
(706) 745-2257
Us 76 Bypass
Blairsville, GA
Appalachian Timber Company
(706) 745-8977
1551 Young Harris Highway
Blairsville, GA

Make Your Kitchen More Efficient

If you’re not eating as healthfully as you should be or cooking seems more like a chore than a fun and simple way to provide nourishment for you and your family, your kitchen’s design and organization may be to blame.

I’ve never given much thought to kitchens. My husband is the predominant cook in our household, so my biggest concern when we built our new home and designed our new kitchen was making sure the wallpaper and porcelain tile coordinated with the cabinets and countertops. Two years and one new baby later, I found myself paying for this oversight in planning.

Not surprisingly, as a full-time writer and a new mother with my husband who cooks speaking the first six months of my daughter’s life overseas, I found myself pretty strapped for time, and it didn’t take me long to realize that extreme organization was the answer to a lot of my new mom troubles, including my inability to find time to make healthful meals for myself. 

One of my biggest problem areas was the kitchen. It was beautifully decorated, but it just didn’t work in real life. Sure I had all my pots, pans, and cookie sheets in a cabinet next to the oven and stovetop, but they were all piled on top of one another in cavernous cabinets. And even when I wanted to make something as simple as a bowl of soup or a dish of spaghetti, I had to empty half the pantry closet to find the ingredients because they were all piled on top of and behind one another.  Often, it just seemed easier to toss a frozen pizza in the oven.

Bottom line: My kitchen was in need of a makeover.

If you can relate to this kind of scenario, you may benefit from a change as well. And it’s not just about saving time; it’s about making it easier to cook with fresh and healthful ingredients, so you won’t be drawn to the simple boxed pizza in the freezer drawer or worse, perhaps, dialing for take-out.

Where Do You Start?

Susan Serra, a certified kitchen designer based on Long Island, New York, and founder of, says you must consider several factors if you want to make your kitchen more organized. “Take a look at what you have stored,” she explains. “Do you need the items you have? Are your cooking and prepping habits centered around how items are stored? And if your cooking utensils and appliances were in an accessible area, would you enjoy using them more?”

Serra says kitchens are increasingly more broken up and divided into work areas.  It makes sense, she points out, but you also have to make sure, for example, that a center island used for prepping meals has baking items close at hand and easy to find.  “What you want to strive for,” she says, “are accessibility and efficiency.”

Eliminating the Black Hole Cabinets

Most homeowners who haven’t worked with a professional kitchen designer are probably the victims of cavernous cabinets—deep, ...

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