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Discount Wedding Planners East Chicago IN

Discount wedding planners offer clients wedding ideas on a budget, including discount wedding supplies, wedding invitations, wedding dresses, wedding gifts, and much more. See below to find local discount wedding planners in East Chicago as well as advice and content on wedding counseling.

Artistic Solutions Creative Event Planning
(877) 708-1747
2301 E 70th Place
Chicago, IL
A Wedding By Design
(773) 491-1028
3011 W. 183rd Street
Homewood, IL
A Social Life
(773) 771-4095
P.O. Box 11722
Chicago, IL
Your Wedding Planner
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34 Elizabeth
Hammond, IN
Young Creations
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Northwest Indiana
Gary, IN
A Jackson Event
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Near Sauk Village
Sauk Village, IL
As You Wish - An Event Planning Company
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Serving Chicagoland & Beyond
Chicago, IL
Chosen Massage
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1220 W 150th st
East Chicago, IN
Wedding Planners / Consultants

Plaid Planning
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7048 Chestnut Ave.
Hammond, IN
Wedding Planners / Consultants

Dejanae Events
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Calumet City, IL

10 Tips for Saving on Your Wedding

Trying to plan a wedding on a budget? It’s not easy to have the wedding of your dreams on a shoestring, but you can cut corners and still have a memorable day.

Denise Vivaldo, author of Do It for Less! Parties, has a wealth of ideas in her book, Do It for Less! Weddings: How to Create Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking the Bank. And because food takes the lion’s share of a wedding budget, she’s lavished plenty of attention on budget-saving strategies for menu planning, catering, and even doing it yourself.

The founder of Food Fanatics, a full-service catering and media food-styling company, Vivaldo developed her celebration savvy in the trenches: She’s planned and catered more than 10,000 parties, both lavish and humble. Here, she shares her top 10 tips for keeping the costs down at your wedding.

1. Invite only those guests who are essential to you. Keeping your guest count down is the easiest way to ensure a reasonable budget.

2. Schedule your wedding after lunch and end the event before dinner. Your guests will not expect to be served a full meal. Your wedding invitation could read: Wedding ceremony at 2 pm and a reception to immediately follow. Then place a time limit on the reception.

3. Offer a limited menu and bar. Do you want to serve light appetizers with champagne or just cake with coffee? There’s nothing wrong with just serving cake and coffee. How about a fancy coffee bar complete with a barista?

4. Be your own wedding planner. Reserve three hours every Sunday for six months before the big day to place calls, return e-mails, and handle the details.  

5. Make your own wedding cake or enlist the help of the best baker you know. Having 100 guests? Baking your own cake can save you hundreds of dollars and take fewer than 10 hours.

6. Beg, borrow, and steal. Decide the adventure or thrill of your wedding is spending as little as possible. Ask your friends and family for help.

7. Hav...

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IN Wedding Laws

Ic 31-11-6-1 Persons Authorized To Solemnize Marriages Sec. 1. Marriages May Be Solemnized By Any Of The Following: (1) A Member Of The Clergy Of A Religious Organization (Even If The Cleric Does Not Perform Religious Functions For An Individual Congregation), Such As A Minister Of The Gospel, A Priest, A Bishop, An Archbishop, Or A Rabbi. (2) A Judge. (3) A Mayor, Within The Mayor'S County. (4) A Clerk Or A Clerk-Treasurer Of A City Or Town, Within A County In Which The City Or Town Is Located. (5) A Clerk Of The Circuit Court. (6) The Friends Church, In Accordance With The Rules Of The Friends Church. (7) The German Baptists, In Accordance With The Rules Of Their Society. (8) The Bahai Faith, In Accordance With The Rules Of The Bahai Faith. (9) The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, In Accordance With The Rules Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. (10) An Imam Of A Masjid (Mosque), In Accordance With The Rules Of The Religion Of Islam. Same Sex Wedding Law: To Perform A Marriage In Indiana You Need To Be Ordained And May Be Required To Provide Proof Of Ordination Such As An Ordination Credential , Wallet Credential , Or A Letter Of Good Standing From The Church.